Voicu Bojan

His first trips, with his mother – a geography teacher – consisted of leafing through magazines and atlases. When he wanted to travel the world, the communists didn’t allow him. When the revolution opened the country’s borders, he was broke. When he finally had the money, he didn’t have the time. When he had the time, he also had kids. And so on. Then one day he just took off. Nowadays his mind is always on the move, even when he’s sitting still. His stories have been published in National Geographic, Esquire Romania, LensWork US, and others.

Articles by Voicu Bojan

Voicu Bojan / June 19, 2018

America’s Transylvania

The day I realized that there’s another Transylvania on this earth, I lost my sense of peace. So I decided to go look its people straight in the eyes.

Voicu Bojan / February 23, 2018

No castle for old men

The Electric Castle is 4 day festival drawing young people from around Europe. PressOne founder Voicu Bojan spent two days at the festival to see what it is all about.

Voicu Bojan / February 1, 2018


Voicu Bojan dusts off his 35-year old bike to rediscover one of Romania’s craziest traditions – Luminația.