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PressOne Quarterly is the first magazine published in the United States on Romanian life and culture. Your subscription helps support We have pioneered a model we call “The PressOne Way” – a combination of “text & image” meant to provide a unique satisfaction to the reader as they are respected, not lied to. We seek unwind the complex issues of our time through the experiences of ordinary citizens. We believe facts and empathy, not slander and fear, are the change agents of our time.

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PressOne Quarterly tells the stories of ordinary Romanians living extraordinary lives. Cool, capable and caring people living in one of the world’s most beautiful countries.

Quietly and humbly, Romanians are rising from the ruins of repression. But our stories transcend Romania. They are about the irrepressible human desire to build a better future.

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The angel of hope – Gertrud Bader

17 year old Gertrud Bader’s courageous, pure heart cost her two years in Communist prisons.

Romanian Goodies

Small farmers are reinventing cooperatives to get higher prices for their home grown food.

Mr. Iugan

A story of tradition, survival, and family.

The great renovation

Blaj comes to life with an award winning civic renovation.

Mia and Andrei

An unlikely dance duo won the English National Championships.

Father and daughter

27 years apart, Ioana Tudor carries on her father’s struggle for democratic rights.

Shame of a nation

Orphans from the Ceausescu era are coming home to help remove the dark stains of child abuse and neglect that still plague Romania.

Taste of homeland - Oradea

PressOne Founder Voicu Bojan makes an unexpected visit to Oradea.

Zero waste

Ioana Man brought the concept of Think Global, Act Local to Aiud… and it worked.

Beard brothers

How Cornell Hoza turned a crazy idea into a growing civic action movement.

Meet the Covaci's

Gusti Covaci shatters stereotypes as his family serves a Romanian community.

The Cheesemaker

When the milk company stopped coming to the village, Borde Szilar went into the cheese business to provide jobs for his neighbors.

The first 101 years

Experience 100 years of Romanian history through the life of a wonderfully simple man.

Beautiful Danube

See the Danube Delta through the lens and life of Daniel Petrescu.

The Wonder

The amazing story of Ana-Maria Brezniceanu.


Tibi Ușeriu’s 215 kilometer run awakens a community of friends to challenge the limitations imposed on them.

Saving the cinema

Victor Purice demonstrated the power of a single person who refuses to say ‘no’.

Professor of imagination

Dorel Zaica uses his artistic talent to inspire young minds with the gift of learning.

Forgiveness is the Best Revenge

Auschwitz survivor Eva Kor has powerful words for students at her former school in Cluj.

Return of Iuliu Maniu

Cristian Borz’s 15 year crusade to recreate the home of a founding father to modern Romania.

Lord of the mountains

Volunteers in Timișoara learned that the secret to change is not fighting the old, but building something new.

Tibor Kalnoky comes home

Born in Germany, raised in Paris, Tibor feels most at home in the simplicity of Transylvania.

Room 32

PressOne Reporter Roxana Garaiman discovers that the homeless are not bums.

Maria Lucia Hohan

Starting with 800 Euros for two user sewing machines, Maria is now designing dresses for Hollywood stars.

The prince Charles effect

Prince Charles is doing more than buying homes in Romania, he is preserving it.

The woman in the blue dress

The spirit of the Revolution lives on in Ioana-Izabela Odor.

The Genius

One of the greatest computer scientists of his time, Mihai Patrascu, lived a life worth remembering.

Schweighofer Exposed / Behind the investigation that moved Romania

The story behind the hidden-camera film exposing Bucharest executives of the Vienna-based multinational company Schweighofer.

Clotilde Armand: I've Given It

A charismatic Frenchwoman is leading the movement changing the way Romanians look at politics and government.

The road to a stone house

Chasing the buzz of an Indiegogo start-up, two young Romanians find inspiration in a lost mountain village.

Marion, born Mariuca

An orphan of the Decree, Monica Le Roy Dagen, returns home to find her parents.

Photo Essay

A creative look at Bucharest then and now.


Mihnea Maruta


Mihnea is the editor-in-chief of PressOne. He started working in the media in 1990, fascinated by the post-revolution political and social effervescence in Romania.

26 years have passed since, he was part of several newsrooms in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, had the privilege to run two national newspapers, but still has butterflies in his stomach every time he signs a piece.

He graduated in Philosophy and is passionate about ideas and surprising connections, which he looks for in books, movies and sports.

He has three daughters and finds it hard to accept they already are teenagers. So he tries to keep his mind in the present and find balance, that balance that is so rare nowadays.

Voicu Bojan


Voicu Bojan is the publisher of PressOne. And one of its three founders. He has over 10 years of experience in print publications, some of the most significant being Esquire, National Geographic Romania or LensWork, US.

He has over 20 years of experience as translator, editor and publisher of books.

In 2007 he founded Diafragma9, a tool dedicated to photographers passioned about storytelling. Together with a few friends they offered for years seminars, street photography workshops (in Romania, Cuba, India), plus a series of books helping photographers to think more and release the shutter less.

He is in love with words and photographs. As a journalist or travel writer, he tries to combine these two means of expression.

He is also in love with his wife, two boys, one dog and an obscure hut on a mountain top somewhere in Transylvania. Plus life in general. Including off-road triathlons.