Bianca Felseghi

Bianca is 32, has a sister, and weighs 58 kilograms. She’s been a journalist for 10 years and studied music, journalism, and modern history. If she had to identify a defining characteristic she’d say that her voice is slightly high-pitched. She enjoys trivia games and does not collect butterflies. Her favorite cult film is “The Big Lebowski” and her favorite character is Walter Sobchack – not an atypical attitude around here.

Articles by Bianca Felseghi

Bianca Felseghi / November 10, 2018


Levente lost his arm in a train accident when he was six years old. Now, at 37, he became the first person with a physical disability to participate in the 6633 Arctic Ultra Marathon.

Bianca Felseghi / February 3, 2018

Shady Deals

PressOne follows the flow of money through four EU countries, two tax havens and a Dutch non-profit into a new craft brewery and Szekely identity campaign.