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Voicu Bojan / December 10, 2018


There has been a lot of talk about Envy in the PressOne office for the last few weeks. We have a saying in Romania, “Sa Moara Capra Vecinului”. It means “I hope your goat dies too”.

Valentin Șchiopu / December 8, 2018

The Magnificent Sulimans

‘This is the place for people who enjoy camping out in nature, gathering around a campfire in the evening, perhaps enjoying some mulled wine, some soft guitar. This is the place to discover refreshing silence.’

Raluca Pancu / December 2, 2018

Auntie Mia

Auntie Mia, is a blond, blue-eyed woman with a soft, tender voice that fills the room with gentleness. To her 40 children, she is the best mother in the world.

Codruţa Simina / November 10, 2018

First Book

A young boy holds his arms toward a book, as if he were sweeping it up into a warm embrace. There is nothing extraordinary about the setting, yet many children in Romania have no idea what a library looks like.

Iulia Marin / November 10, 2018

Volunteer grandparents

Grandparents remind us how important it is to give... In a Bucharest hospital, a baby connected to a variety of medical devices squeezes the finger of the elderly woman who has just bottle-fed him.

Bianca Felseghi / November 10, 2018


Levente lost his arm in a train accident when he was six years old. Now, at 37, he became the first person with a physical disability to participate in the 6633 Arctic Ultra Marathon.

Raluca Pancu / October 4, 2018


More than 100,000 people contributed to building a home where families of child cancer patients will be able to live free of charge during the treatment process.

Iulia Marin / September 15, 2018

Duty of Honor

Dr. Andreea Moldovan has created the cleanest hospital in Europe – in Romania!

Voicu Bojan / June 19, 2018

America’s Transylvania

The day I realized that there’s another Transylvania on this earth, I lost my sense of peace. So I decided to go look its people straight in the eyes.

Viorel Ilişoi / June 18, 2018

Exile Child

On June 28, 1940, the Soviet Army occupied Bessarabia and northern Bucovina, home to nearly 4 million Romanians.

Valentin Șchiopu / June 15, 2018

Ato and the Romanians

“Do you know the saddest moment in every one of my discussions with Romanians? It’s when young people ask me why I came to this country and then proceed to tell me how horrible it is here."

Valentin Șchiopu / June 15, 2018

Into the Light

97 year old Emil Drăgan’s final desire for Romania. Photo: The hands of Emil Drăgan, a veteran of the War, the Canal and Communist prisons.